Saturday, May 29, 2010

the worst cat in the world


Things I Wonder

(a note I left at work on some books)

Also, is $55 too much for a stapler?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day!

I made my mom a Mother's Day card.


I think she was slightly creeped out, but pretended she wasn't. What a great mom!

(I love the stickers at Pat Catan's. They are amazingly nonsensical and creepy because they were mass produced and Made in China! At ten cents a package, I can't resist buying at least 15 packages every time I'm there).

Monday, May 3, 2010

Souther Salazar vs. Blaise Larmee in "What I'm Into, Opposed to What I'm Not Really Into."


(don't feel obliged to watch all of this)

I thought about making this entry the other day. I had been thinking about why making zines makes sense to me.
Then I stumbled upon this video of Souther Salazar and he pretty much sums it up.
I like that he says zines are a non-intimidating way to share your art, and that he had to build up to showing paintings.
I've been thinking the same sorts of things and feel as though I've gone about art in a backwards way.

I can't really get into Blaise Larmee and I've been wanting to compare his thoughts about zines to Souther's.
Blaise thinks about zines in an opposite way to Souther.
Blaise seems to be trying to make zines in a high-end art way that I find unappealing and pretentious.

In my mind, there seems to be a flip between the two. Where Blaise is trying to put painting into zines, Souther is putting the zine into paintings.

I've been feeling guilty about not painting at all for a yea. At this point I want to say, "fuck painting."
Instead of tiptoeing around the issue, I want to take a stand and say I'm finally not painting on purpose.
I need to accept my unintentional break from painting and re-evaluate my means of making art.
I think I need to start a lot smaller.

Anyway, I'm glad to have a seemingly kindred spirit in Souther Salazar.
I adore him and I was so glad to finally find his blog the other day.
Please check it out here.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Farm Adventure : Part One (of a potential hundred)

My mom went to this farm in town to get manure for her gardens, and I went along because I heard I might get to hang out with some animals. The lady that owns the farm was quirky and I enjoyed talking to her. As a preface to this video, before I went inside the gate with the alpacas, llamas, and goats, she explained to me that the alpacas were very timid and would most likely not approach me.
I expected to gaze at them from afar, as I eased my way toward them.

Alpacas from Jennifer Lisa on Vimeo.

When the three alpacas approached me, it was a very creepy moment where they were almost moving synchronously and all looking me straight in the eye. I didn't expect to feel intense fear, but I ended up wanting to run straight for the gate. I expected them to suddenly start running at me, and imagined horrible things happening to my body. Turns out, they didn't trample me, but what a presence alpacas have! I was intimidated by how large they were once they got close to me.
A note: It looked like the two black alpacas bowed their heads at me and I remembered how in Harry Potter, one must bow to the Hippogriff to gain it's approval. So in the video you see me bow down with the camera. I was so scared, it was the only thing I could think to do. I'm a nerd.
I've never been that afraid of an animal, and I was so nervous, I didn't even get to pet their fluffy, fluffy fur.

(also, apparently I'm back??)