Sunday, May 2, 2010

Farm Adventure : Part One (of a potential hundred)

My mom went to this farm in town to get manure for her gardens, and I went along because I heard I might get to hang out with some animals. The lady that owns the farm was quirky and I enjoyed talking to her. As a preface to this video, before I went inside the gate with the alpacas, llamas, and goats, she explained to me that the alpacas were very timid and would most likely not approach me.
I expected to gaze at them from afar, as I eased my way toward them.

Alpacas from Jennifer Lisa on Vimeo.

When the three alpacas approached me, it was a very creepy moment where they were almost moving synchronously and all looking me straight in the eye. I didn't expect to feel intense fear, but I ended up wanting to run straight for the gate. I expected them to suddenly start running at me, and imagined horrible things happening to my body. Turns out, they didn't trample me, but what a presence alpacas have! I was intimidated by how large they were once they got close to me.
A note: It looked like the two black alpacas bowed their heads at me and I remembered how in Harry Potter, one must bow to the Hippogriff to gain it's approval. So in the video you see me bow down with the camera. I was so scared, it was the only thing I could think to do. I'm a nerd.
I've never been that afraid of an animal, and I was so nervous, I didn't even get to pet their fluffy, fluffy fur.

(also, apparently I'm back??)